Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Saving Money - How I saved money today 10/8/16

I try to save money every day and in any way I can. Here is how I saved money today:

I really enjoy my Diet Pepsi at my favorite Maverik store. To support my Diet Pepsi habit I use their reward card that gives me every 10th drink for free. I reuse my cup several times and I receive $.50 off each time I bring it in. Sometimes that saves me $1.00 a day. I also build up reward points; recently I turned them into a $20 gift card.

I have 5 large dogs and watch dogs for Rover.com so a trip to Petco is about every week.  I use their reward card and typically receive $5 off each time I buy dog food. I also receive coupons in the mail and email.  Today I had $5 reward credit and a $15 coupon, so I saved $20!

Next, my hubby wanted to go out for pizza. I had a $4 off coupon from the back of a grocery store receipt and a coupon for a free small pizza if we purchased a large pizza (from a fundraiser coupon book). There were 5 adults and 1 kid, we purchased 1 large ultimate meat pizza, large pepperoni, small cheese, and 6 drinks. Totally $50 saving us $20. Everyone ate and we have leftovers to take home.

Totaling $42 in savings
I also made $45 for the day watching one dog and checking in on another at their home.

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