Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kidstir - Homeschooling Cooking Curriculum

Kidstir is a fun monthly cooking kit that teaches: science, agriculture, cooking techniques, history, measuring skills, nutrition, reading, math, etc.  You will also receive cooking utensils, cooking patches, and great recipes.

I homeschool my daughter and we are dedicating Fridays to our Kidstir recipes and technology. We will be sharing our cooking adventure with you. I like to add life skills such as shopping, couponing, and budgeting as well.

My daughter made this video of the September box we received.

We enjoyed the Apple Cider Chicken, Cornbread with Maple Bacon Butter, Pumpkin Crunch Breakfast Parfait, and we will soon be making the Autumn Potpourri to fill the house with the wonderful smell of fall.

We will definitely use these recipes again.

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October Elemental Science free printout

I really love Elemental Science and all it has to offer.  There are so many great things they have and share.  Each Friday there is a subject, activity, and printable sheets to work from.

Friday is our cooking day with Raddish Kids and science from Elemental Science.

Today is all about nuts; printables worksheets and Octobers schedule click HERE

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Saving Money - How I saved over 50% at Safeway

I saved $64.54 with sales and coupons and $3.25 in coupon apps.  Here's how I did it:

I combined the "Buy 4" discounts with coupons (printable coupons from Coupons.com) and Safeway's U savings (online savings loaded to my card). I had a raincheck for ice cream. There was a U Savings coupon for $5 off if I spent more than $25.  Though Albertson's and Safeway are the same company Safeway has the addition money saving coupons.

I then loaded my receipts to Ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout 51 for an additional $3.25.

It takes come planning looking at the sale flyer, looking for coupons to match, making sure you have the correct amount to get the buy 4 discount.  If you do not have 4 of the correct items that will really mess up your savings. Make sure to have a backup 4 items if the items you are looking for are not there.

These apps are really easy.

SavingStar App (download)
Checkout 51 App (download) typically update on Thursdays
Ibotta App (download)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Saving Money - How I saved money today 10/8/16

I try to save money every day and in any way I can. Here is how I saved money today:

I really enjoy my Diet Pepsi at my favorite Maverik store. To support my Diet Pepsi habit I use their reward card that gives me every 10th drink for free. I reuse my cup several times and I receive $.50 off each time I bring it in. Sometimes that saves me $1.00 a day. I also build up reward points; recently I turned them into a $20 gift card.

I have 5 large dogs and watch dogs for Rover.com so a trip to Petco is about every week.  I use their reward card and typically receive $5 off each time I buy dog food. I also receive coupons in the mail and email.  Today I had $5 reward credit and a $15 coupon, so I saved $20!

Next, my hubby wanted to go out for pizza. I had a $4 off coupon from the back of a grocery store receipt and a coupon for a free small pizza if we purchased a large pizza (from a fundraiser coupon book). There were 5 adults and 1 kid, we purchased 1 large ultimate meat pizza, large pepperoni, small cheese, and 6 drinks. Totally $50 saving us $20. Everyone ate and we have leftovers to take home.

Totaling $42 in savings
I also made $45 for the day watching one dog and checking in on another at their home.

Love Dogs? Make Money From Home - In Home Dog Boarding

My love and passion is dogs and puppies. I have fostered dogs for many years and now I make money from home by pet sitting.  I typically make $20-$35 a day and business is increasing. I love it. I can be home to homeschool, blog, clean, and love on puppies. My daughter is my helper and earns  money to pay for her cheerleading.  She is interested in the same career - dog sitting and dog training so the experience wonderful. My friend and I both work for Rover.com and refer clients between the two of us; it has boosted our ratings to the number 1 and 2 spots in our location. I also promote my business with the local rescue groups. My next idea is to work the with hotels that allow pets; their clients can use my doggy care so they can enjoy the day dog free. First time clients can also receive $20, which will pay for a free day of doggy daycare and I still get paid!

You are welcome to take a look at my direct site www.rover.com/sit/puppyplaceinpasco.
If you love dogs and are interested in signing up click HERE

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Homeschooling - Free Halloween Worksheets

The History of Zoomies - A free printable reading sheet. Click HERE

There are several different Halloween worksheets for all ages. For specific grades you will need to go to the specific grade:

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Thank you to Education.com for these great printouts.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Saving Money - Double Couponing at Winco 10/5/16

I love Winco and adding double coupons to their low prices makes it even better!
Winco Foods Double Coupons - Here's how to do it!
Richland, WA prices 

Match your coupons to the apps before going shopping to make sure nothing has expired. There are more great savings in addition to these, so take the time to sit down and add to the list before going shopping. One more word of advice is pay attention to the quantity the apps request, and the product. The apps will not give you credit for more than what is stated on the rebate/discount, but most you can purchase again the following week.

These apps are really easy.

SavingStar App (download)
Checkout 51 App (download) typically update on Thursdays
Ibotta App (download)

Broccoli - $1.28 lb
-20% ($.26) SavingStar
= $1.02 lb

Onion - $.58 lb
-$.25 Ibotta
= $.33 lb

Bananas - $48lb
-$.25 Ibotta
=$.23 lb

Carrots 8oz bag $.98
-$.25 Ibotta
-$.25 Checkout51
-$.25 SavingStar
= $.23 each

Milk $2.18
-$.25/1 Ibotta (any milk)
= $1.93

Bisquick 40oz  $3.38
 - $.50/1 from Coupons.com,
-  $.50/1 SavingStar
= $2.38

Cocoa Puffs / General Mills $2.47
- $1/2 Coupons.com
- $1/2 SavingStar
-$.25/1 Ibotta (any cereal) This deal can only be used on one
=  $ 1.22 each

Lucky Charms / General Mills $2.47
- $1/2 Coupons.com
- $1/2 SavingStar
- $.50/1 Checkout 51
-$.25/1 Ibotta (any cereal)
= $.97 each

Cheerios / General Mills $2.98
- $1.00/2 Coupons.com
- $1.00/2 SavingStar
-$.50/1 Checkout 51
-$.25/1 Ibotta (any cereal)
= $1.48

Honey Bunches of Oats = $1.88
-$.50/1 Ibotta
-$1.00/2 Coupons.com
-$.75/1 Checkout51
= $.76 each

Old El Paso Taco Boats $1.98
- $.75/1 Coupons.com
- $.75/1 Saving Star
= $.48 each

Fiber One Brownies/Cheesecake $2.44
- $.50/2 Coupons.com
-$.50/1 Checkout 51
= $1.94 each

Nature Valley BackPacker Oatmeal Bites $2.44
 - $.50/1 Coupons.com
- $.50/1 Checkout 51
= $1.44 each
Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.44
 - $.50/2 Coupons.com
- $.50/2 Checkout 51
= $1.94 each

Deli Jenny-O VIP Turkey $6.68 lb
- $1/1 lb Coupons.com
- $2/ 1 lb Ibotta
= $3.68 lb

Totino’s Pizza - $.98 each
-$1/4 SavingStar
-$1/4 Coupons.com
= $.48 each

Totino’s Pizza Rolls 19.8oz bag - $2.18
-$.75/3 SavingStar
-$.75/3 Coupons.com
-$.75/3 Checkout51
= $1.49 each

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls - $1.78
-$1/3 SavingStar
-$1/3 Coupons.com
= $1.11 each

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Save Money - Zaycon is a great way

Boneless Skinless chicken $1.69 a pound from Zaycon. The lowest I have found!
 It's worth stocking up. 

Zaycon should deliver to a location near you if you are located in the Northwest. Most of my family and friends use this service. You place your order, meet them at the assigned date and location. Then go home and separate, bag, and freeze in the sizes you need. They carry different products at different times.

Sign up and see if there is a location near you.