Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Costco Vs WinCo Foods

I have been shopping a little more at Costco and since I know my store prices pretty well I wanted to comparison shop on some of the things that seem cheaper at Costco.  Here was the first one I found:

Frigo String Cheese:

Costco $9.49/60ct that is $.16 each piece
WinCo Foods $4.36/16 that is $.27 each piece

so if you purchased 60 at WinCo at $.27 that would be: $16.20 at WinCo vs $9.49 at Costco; you save $6.71 at Costco!

Yes, sometimes you can use your coupons, doublers, or purchase them when they on sale and pick it up cheaper, but if you are purchasing them at regular price Costco is the winner.

*I hope I had all my math right*


mom2priceboys said...

I have a difficult time factoring in the at least $50 membership fee that it takes to go to Costco

Money Savings In WA said...

We pay $100 membership to Costco on a yearly basis HOWEVER we spend enough money to get a rebate ranging from $75 to $125 back from Costco which either makes our membership the following year either free (with $25 cash back) OR $25 out of pocket.

Also, Kirkland toilet paper is less expensive per square foot than what you can buy at Target, WinCo or Walmart (excluding coupons and sales).

Downy fabric softener averages out to being the same per fluid ounce at Costco, Target and Walmart (don't know about WinCo) unless there is a sale plus $1 off coupon which then makes the Target/Walmart price about 2 cents less per fluid ounce. Now if there is a $2 Downy coupon from Costco then the Costco price is less per fluid ounce.

NW Coupon Lady said...

My mom gives me her extra card so I don't have to pay a membership. The dog food (Kirkland) has worked out really well for my dogs. My husband wears the Kirkland jeans. So if I did have to pay the $50 for us I think it's still worth it for us. I also have my pictures printed there.

Thank you for sharing your comments.