Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Shopping for 2/28 - 3/6

Here's a sneak peak in my grocery cart this week.

Here is my summary of grocery shopping from 2/28-3/6

For the Month of March summary:
This includes food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene for 4 people.

Budget $500 a month (4 people), $125 a week.
Balance $365.75

Week 1:
Spent $134.25
Saved $93.72

I was over $9.25 for the week.

4 lunchables
5 2-liters of pepsi

Total $5.70.  I used my $10 gift card from the last trip when I had to make a minimum purchase of $10 to use the coupons. I had an in-store coupon for the bologna.

6 cans of tuna
2 boxes Bagel Bites
4 Hot pockets
1 gallon of milk
2 boxes of Jose Ole products
7-up for my sick daughter

Total $35.52, saved $26.18 and received $10 in catalina. I had coupons for almost everything and used my doublers. Normally I only buy milk at WinCo because it's the cheapest but we were completely out.

WinCo Foods

Dixie Cups
Hot Dog buns
Taco Chips
Granola - bulk
Bagel Bites 40 ct
Croutons - bulk
Banana chips - bulk
2 package lunch meat
2 Hungry Man dinners (for hubby to take to work, if he needs to grab something quick)
2 can pineapple
Toilet cleaner
Baby wipes
cleaning sponges
Pizza Dough
Corn Meal - bulk
Brown Gravy mix
Shredded lettuce
Wylers drink mix
1 gallon Milk (since I had just bought one at Albertson's, normally I buy 2 or 3)
Total $44.12, saved $1.75

 Yoke's Fresh Market
Almond Breeze (I had a $1 off coupon making it $.89, I wanted to try it)
2 Tony's pockets $1 each
Sausage 10 for $10
Chicken Breast $1.79lb
Hamburger $1.79lb
Shredded lettuce 3 for $5
Yoke's French Bread on sale for $.99, it was still warm when I picked it up. So good.

Total: $32.60, saved $15.86 

3 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes storage bags
makeup sponges
Hershey's 100 cal snacks
Total $16.31, saved $17.68 and received $2RR

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