Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Grocery Outlet Opening in Kennewick WA!!

I received a flier in the mail that in Kennewick WA (4th and Olympia) there is now a Grocery Outlet! I'm so excited to see what it's all about.

The Grand Opening is Saturday, March 20th but by the website it looks like it might have opened today. I clicked on their flier and the effective date showed 3/10 - 3/16.   I don't live close by, but I will try to make a special trip to check it out. If anyone stops by the store let me know.

I'm excited to see the difference between Grocery Outlet and WinCo.

Kennewick Grocery Outlet Website


Cris said...

I don't live near it either. It's quite out of my way, but it may be worth the trip to check it out. Oh, and have you found out anything about their coupon policies?

Anonymous said...

Got my post card today as well. Let's hope they are good for competitive pricing around here!

Jennifer said...

We have a Grocery Outlet in our town. They do have competitive prices, for example...Smart Balance spread is always 1.49, but our store does not take coupons. If they did, I'd be there every week. I go there for specific things or if I run out of something. Ours carries a lot of different fancy cheeses at a very good price. They are definitely worth shopping.

mom2priceboys said...

Grocery Outlet doe not take coupons!! I go there for some items that are cheaper like Cream of Wheat and $2.99 for frozen coconut shrimps.And, yes, the fancy cheese part is cool especially when entertaining but I find that WinCo can meet our familys budgeting just as well. However, I do go to our Chico Ca Grocery Outlet about once a month to check out their loss leaders.

Cris said...

What are loss leaders?

Russell said...

It opens at 8:00am on March 18th, with a Ribbon Cutting on March 19th, and the Grand Opening Celebration on March 20th. I can't wait!!!! I live right next to it!!!