Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Friday, January 15, 2010

$5 Dinners Bargain Meal Of the Week - $5 meal for a family of 4

WinCo $5 Bargain Meals - all ingredients purchased at WinCo Foods

I am happy to participate in the $5dollar dinners Bargain Meal of the Week.
For more of my $5 meals to go Bargain Meals and 1 trip, 1 bag, 5 dinners

Casserole Hamburger (serves 4)


1 small onion $.38
1lb hamburger $1.98
1 can green beans $.58
1 can of mushroom soup $.78
1 package tater tots Hy-Top 32oz $1.38 (you probably won't use all of these)

Combine first four ingredients; put in a casserole dish; cover with tater tots. Bake on 350 for about 40 minutes or until hamburger is cooked. Cover with foil if browning too fast. You can also brown the hamburger and onion first and have that taters a little thawed then put it all together to reduce cooking time. Which ever is easiest for you. Also throwing a little cheese on top is really great.

Total $5.10

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mom2priceboys said...

I've done somethng similar in the CP this is a good one!!! Thanks for sharing