Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dining out on a Budget - Ice Harbor Brewing Company

It was so wonderful to be able to go out to a nice, fun restaurant on a budget. It was my mom's birthday last night and we celebrated at Clover Island Ice Harbor Brewing Company. We had a great meal and it cost us (me, husband, 2 kids) ~$30.00 (including tip) for a $54.00 plus tip meal.

Several months ago I had purchased 1/2 price gift certificates ($50 for $25) for Ice Harbor Brewing Company from 94.9 Wolf just pay half. These gift certificates normally sell out within about 10 minutes, so when I have the opportunity I purchase as many as I can. I gave one to my mom and niece for Christmas. So she chose Ice Harbor for her birthday dinner. She had never been, and she was able to use her gift certificate for herself and my niece.

I really felt my frugal high when the comment was made that I was wearing a nice sweater and my daughter was wearing a really pretty dress. I had purchased them at Value Village (second hand store) for $2.50 each.

It was nice leaving the restaurant not stressing about how much we just paid for dinner. You can be frugal and still treat yourself.

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