Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Thursday, December 31, 2009

WinCo Foods Bulk Bin items and prices

Bulk Bin Items and Prices
From Richland, WA

I gather up Winco foods prices each week to help us all save money. I am not associated with WinCo at all, I just have shopped there for many years and I know how frustrating it is that they don't have a weekly flyer - so I thought I would be the one to put one together.

I will be adding to the bulk bin items/prices each week.
Click Here for the Weekly WinCo Foods Sales

Prices are all per pound

Dried Fruits:
Dried tomatoes $3.90
Mango sliced w/chile $3.51
Mango slices $2.52
Papaya slices $1.82
Mango/pineapple slices $1.37
Strawberries $3.65
Cranberries $3.67
Blueberries $7.46
Plums $1.79
Raisins $1.56
Apple rings $2.75
Apricots $3.06
Red Apple rings $1.77
Banana chips $1.51

Sunflower Seeds salted $1.03
Roasted salted pumpkin seeds $2.36
Shelled salted peanuts $1.14
Raw Almonds $3.88
Chopped Almonds $3.67
Salted peanuts $1.58 (save your planters jars and fill them up with bulk peanuts)
Roasted Peanuts $1.48 (right now planters 16oz is $1.98, so you are saving $.50 buying bulk)
Butter Toffee Peanuts $1.64


Allspice $5.24
Italian seasoning $4.35
Ground Candamon $13.93
Whole celery seed $2.22
Ground Cumin $3.38
Chives $10.16
Nutmeg $5.98
Paprika $3.82
Basil $2.22
Garlic Powder $2.66
Ground Ginger $5.59
Cinnamon $1.64
Sea Salt $.23
Iodized Salt $.20

Pearl rice $.91
Pearl Barley Rice $.40
Converted Rice $.60
Jasmin rice $.86
Royal Brown Jasmin Rice $.93
Long Grain Wild Rice $.44
Converted Rice $.60
Long Grain Brown Rice $.55

Onion Soup Mix $2.76
Veg. blend soup mix $6.06
Country Gravy Mix $2.30
Brown Gravy Mix $2.30
Chicken Gravy Mix $2.76
Beef Soup Base $3.91
Chicken Soup Base $3.32
Cheese Sauce Mix $5.31
Instant Potatoes $1.08

Soy Beans $.72
Lentils $.77
Black Eyed Peas $1.00
Split Green Peas $.55
Maya Coba Beans $1.48
Black Turtle Beans $.85
Garbanzo Beans $.77
Red Kidney Beans $.97
Navy Beans $.76
Great Northern Beans $.83
Pinto Beans $.74

Whole Wheat Rotelle $1.03
Whole Wheat Egg Noodles $1.39
Pasta Bowties $.93
Organic Spaghetti $1.32
Elbow Macaroni $.79
Penne $.84
Rigatoni $.85
Small shells $.85
Large shells $.85
Rotini Pasta $.85
Egg Noodles $1.18
Spaghetti $.79
Linguine $.85
Lasagna $1.37
Cous-Cous $1.68
Tortellini $4.43
Parmesan Romano cheese $3.98
Parmesan cheese $3.76

Party Trail Mix $2.20
Animal Crackers $1.43
Pork Rinds $4.97
Cheese Curls (Cheetos) $1.89
Chex Mix, cheese favor also $2.93
Corn nuts $1.73
Cajun Toasted corn nuts $1.82
Carmel Corn $2.85
Popcorn $.61
Pretzels $1.89
Dolphin/fish cheese crackers $3.19

Baking items

Sweet Flake Coconut $1.53
Baking cocoa $2.89
Granulated Sugar $.48
Chocolate Chips $2.62
Mini M&M's $4.18
Sprinkles $2.42
Powdered Sugar $.54
Brown Sugar $.54
Corn Starch $.76
Baking Soda $.48
Baking Powder $1.10
Buttermilk pancake mix $.70
Buttermilk Biscuit mix $.75
Brownie Mix $.80
Blueberry muffin mix $1.01
Pizza Crust Mix $.84


k....mom said...

Happy new year :)
I went a little crazy a couple months ago because the bulk prices were so good. I found that I didn't care for some of them. Most notably was the taco mix. We didn't care for it at all but use the brand name every week. I say buy small and taste first otherwise it's a waste of what you saved.

NW Coupon Lady said...

I agree. I have bought two things each week. Buy a small amount and give it a try. One nice thing is most of the bulk items are in the new containers so people can't touch the items.

My husband didn't like the popcorn he said it didn't pop as big as the name brand (who knows?).

I do have to say at the Richland Winco I always see workers working on the bins and customers are normally in every aisle. That's a good sign.

Yasmin said...

The upside to the Richland WinCo, they also have the olive bar which the Kennewick store does not.

I love the variation of dehydrated fruit in the bulk section since I typically make tea cakes which requires dehydrated fruit (soaked in apple juice overnight).

Anonymous said...

When I was out in Portland, I picked up some apple bran muffin mix and pizza dough mix, but have lost the recipes. Can anybody help?

Anonymous said...

Advice, write the product name together with the bin number on the twist tie. I have a few things that look alike but unfortunately all I wrote down was the bin number. Does anyone know of a list of items with bin numbers?

Mysryael said...

I take a hole punch with me, then look for the reconstitution or recipes featured with the bulk items I am buying. I then put the recipe with the item bin number on the tag twistie. Haven't lost those directions yet because they get transfered to my recipe binder at home : )