Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Monday, August 16, 2010

Albertson's Nature Valley Sale

Did you pick up your Albertson's Double coupons in Sundays paper? Combine your doublers and Nature Valley coupons to the products that are currently on sale and you will receive a Catalina and 50 box tops for your school:

Nature Valley Catalina's will run until 9/5.  Purchase 3 and receive $1.50, 4 receive $2.50, and 5 you will receive $3.50.

You print Nature Valley coupons from coupons.com and Smart Source, as well as your coupon inserts.  See my side bar for the links.

Here is my grocery list:
4 Nature Valley Nut clusters (2 - $1/1,$.75/2- use $1.75 in doublers -one is a do not double coupon)  total $3.50
1 Nature Valley Granola Thin $.75/1 - use $.75 in doubler) Total $.50
1 Yoplait Delight ($.50/1) total $1.50
3 Hamburger Helper ($.75/3) total $1.50 (I don't really use these but I will have them as backup dinners)
1 BC cake mix and 1 BC frosting ($.75/2) total $.75

My estimated total is $7.75 and receive $3.50 in Catalina.

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