Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Shopping Trip for week 2/1

Here is my weekly shopping trips and summary:

Monthly Budget for family of 4, 4 large dogs, and a guinea pig is $500.

Total Shelf Cost: $206.26
Coupon and customer savings: $93.23
Weekly shopping: $153.34 ($28.34 over my budget but there was so many deals I just had to stock up on).

Yoke's Fresh Friday Shopping:

Chicken strips
2 lighthouse dressings
2 Valentine's kits for the kids
2 mini 8-pack of Coke Zero, they were $.99 and so cute.
4 Red Baron Pizzas
8 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast
7.3 lbs ground beef
2 avocados

Total $64.69 (saved $20.80)

WinCo Shopping

Cheese Nips
Red Baron Pizza mini pizzas
2 White Castle mini cheeseburgers
2 Lipton Pasta
Chocolate mix for frozen dipped chocolate bananas
Deli ham
2 tempura mix
Kiwi fruit
2 packages of babybel cheese
4 cans enchilada sauce
tarter sauce
3 avocados
Turkey from the deli
Jimmy Dean Sausage
cream cheese

Total $50.28 (used $7.70 in coupons)


3 package of fishy crackers
2 tubs of sour cream
2 packages of Kraft Single cheese
2 lb block Tillamook cheese
Ranch Dressing
2 package of chicken nuggets

Total $18.49 (I used $21.19 in coupons and a rain check for the Tillamook cheese for $3.99)


This was a little snack run to celebrate my son's birthday

2 gallons of milk
4 Dreyers Dibs snack bags
3 package of sunflower seeds
1 loaf of Artisan Bread
1 package beef sticks

Total $19.88 (saved $3.25)

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