Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Monday, February 8, 2010

Making a Grocery List

There are so many ways to make up a grocery list. I have finally mastered my grocery list. I wanted to talk about how I make up my grocery list for the week. I'm sure everyone does it a little different, it just depends on what works the best for you.

I can shop at several different stores due to my work location, kids' school location, and home.
  • Throughout the week I make a shopping list of the things we need or are totally out of. This list will be a WinCo shopping list. This is where I do the majority of my shopping.
  • Wednesday I grab all the store fliers and find all the great sales (prices that are less than WinCo). I will make a list for each store. I will attach my coupons to my list (remember you want to try to match coupons with the sale items). Then for the next week I carry them with me so I can swing into the store during lunch, before I pick up the kids, after picking up the kids, or on my way home.
  • Wednesday night I finalize my WinCo list and attach my coupons. I shop on Thursdays while I gather my information for my weekly WinCo Sale Prices.
  • Thursday I do my WinCo shopping, I try to stick to my list and budget.
  • Sunday I normally make up my Walgreen's list and stop in when I can during the week.
I plan my menu according to what I have stock piled, sometimes buying a few things to make a complete meal. I will talk about my meal planning in another posting.

Let me know how you come up with your shopping list. Anyway you do it, sticking to a list and budget is always the best.


K....mom said...

I wait for you to post the Winco sales, go over the other adds to see if they could be lower and then head out to save money :) So really, you make my list and once again, I thank you

NW Coupon Lady said...

You're so sweet. Thank you. I'm glad I could help. I was looking for WinCo list for years. So once I started blogging I thought I would be the one to do it.

mom2priceboys said...

I actually create a tentative menu first using what I still have in the pantry/freezer. Then I break down the menu for what I still need for the menu. I do over half my shopping at WinCo however I usually only go there once a month since it is not local. I end up shopping local food for more for produce, milk, and cereal throughout the month. My budget has reduced to $350 a month for my family of 4. we can do this!!!