Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Albertsons/Safeway Trip

Look at everything I bought for $24.08, which includes a $10 gift card from Safeway.

I purchased the following at Safeway:

  • 5 bags of Doritos (on sale for $.99 when you spend $10)
  • 7 32oz G2 Gatarode (I had 5 $.50/1 and $1/2 coupon) they were on sale for $.78
  • $10 gift certificate (bought a $10 gift certificate for my next trip in order to get the Doritos for $.99 each)


Albertson's 2 transactions

1st transaction
  • 2 boxes of popcorn ($1/2 coupon and doubler) and two 2 liter A&W root beer (I received one box and both pops free when you buy one box of popcorn.
  • 2 Ball Park Franks (B1G1) and I had a $1/2 coupon and doubler.
  • 1 box Ritz Crackerfuls ($1/1 with doubler) on sale for $2.99

Total $4.67

2nd transaction (they were nice and let me do that)
  • All detergent $2.50/1 and used doubler (they were being nice that day and gave me $1 for the doubler, normally they won't do that)
  • 2 mayo in store coupon $2 each and I used 2 $.60/1 and 2 doublers
    Total $1.78

Grand Total $24.08 with purchasing a $10 gift card, and saved $54.06


Anonymous said...

They told me that I couldn't use the mayo coupons because the in-ad mayo coupons were manufacturers coupons instead of store coupons.

NW Coupon Lady said...

I had no problem. I go to the Albertson's on Lee Blvd in Richland WA and they are great. They just scan the coupons until the beep, then they see what's wrong with the coupon. The computer took the coupons. I must have lucked out.