Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Shopping for week 1/18

Here is my shopping trip for this week. Most of it was snacks and lunch type items. I have already stocked up on meat and I'm using my coupons that expire at the end of the month.

My budget is $500 month for my family of 4 ($100 is for animal food, 4 large dogs and a guinea pig)
Spent this week $138.07
Spent this month $366.87
Saved this month $269.70
Remaining balance $133.13

Walgreen's 1st trip
3 ziploc bags
2 tubs wet ones
Dawn dish soap
milk (we needed it)

Total $6.15; used $7 in RR from last week, $1.93 in Wags coupons, $3.58 in sale items, and $11.25 in MFG coupons (this would include the $7RR). I received $3 in RR.

Walgreen's 2nd trip
Here was the deal for purchase $20 in chips and pepsi products you received $10 in RR.

Total: 17.42; I used the $3RR from the 1st transaction, then received $10 in RR

Walgreen's trip #3 (I'm glad Wags is down the street from my house)
2 bottles of shampoo
2 boxes Tampax

Total $5.67; I had a coupon B1G1 for the Tampax; total coupons 17.49 (including the $10RR from the 2nd trip) and advertised specials $1.30; and received $2RR. I saved $18.79 on that trip.

WinCo Foods
2 boxes of Nabisco snacks
Idahoan instant potatoes
5 Totinos pizzas
mini cheeseburgers
string cheese
2 Wyler's drink mix
Yoplait yogurt
3 gallons of milk
Tyson Chicken
Laundry soap
Hoagie buns
Yoplait delights
2 bottles Ketchup (good deal on that one)

Total $48.24, I had $9.40 in coupons

Big Lots
Guinea pig food
2 bottles snuggle
Nabisco snacks - our new review product

Total $9.38
1 Gatorade
4 lunchables (hubby's snacks)
6 hot pockets

Total $8.34, saved 16.31. I used coupons for everything but the lunchables along with my doublers.

No pictures for the following:

Dog food $26.63

Albertson's 2nd trip
Tillamook cheese 2lbs
3 hot pockets

Total $6.16

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