Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bargain Meals - 1 Roast, 3 Meals

I'm sure the frugal followers are always curious about meals that the frugal coupon ladies make. So I'm sharing what I have cooked this week. Sure a couple times a week we throw in chicken nuggets or taquitos but for the most part we have home cooked meals.

I purchased a roast 3.75lbs for $7.53 and it was used for three meals.

1st meal:
slow cooker Roast

Place chuck roast in a slow cooker with some Au Jus sauce. Made smashed potatoes ($.50) and served with two cans of green beans ($1.16), we used 1/3 of the beef ($2.51).

Total $4.17

2nd meal: French Dips

1/3 beef $2.51
Hoagie buns $.98
Monterey Jack Cheese $.45
Au Jus sauce $.35

Total $4.29

3rd meal: Fajitas and salad

1/3 beef $2.51
Tortillas $1.28
Fajita seasoning $.35
Cheese $.50
Salad $1.48

Total $6.12

We should get more vegetables than we do but we just aren't the veggie type of family. I try.


mom2priceboys said...

Great Ideas, thanks for the reminder to do this meal stretch/ repurpose. Do you eat the meat the same week or do you freeze portions for later use? We too are not big on veggies here so to get them in I add chopped carrots and celery in with my meat. I've done it so long that if I don't the guys think the meat tastes funny LOL

NW Coupon Lady said...

Sometimes I will freeze the meat and use it another time. This week I used all the week within a week. I was a little lazy and since the meat was already cooked everything else was easy.