Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get your Sunday's Paper!!!

There will be 4 to 5 coupon inserts and Albertson's doublers.

Here's my plan:

I'm going to buy a Seattle Times due to the fact that sometimes the Tri Cities Herald doesn't always put them all in. Then on Tuesday I will order more of the coupons I need from The Coupon Clippers. They should have them all listed by then. I would rather spend my $1.75 getting the amount of coupons I need from The Coupon Clippers than buying two papers and not using all the coupons or wanting more of some.

See the widget on my blog listed as Sunday Coupon. It will tell you what is going to be in the inserts.


Christy said...

I get the Seattle Times, and it never has the Red Plum inserts.

The Trumans said...

Yes, the Seattle Times carries NO RED PLUMS. The TCH normally will only miss the GM insert (but we just get some of the same coupon in the SmartSource instead)..so I would save yourself $$ and get TCH! You wont want to miss out on those awesome Red Plum inserts!! They are great ones this week.

Karrie at fistfulofcoupons.com

mom2priceboys said...

Anybody know about the Sacramento Bee. that is my only Sunday paper here in Podunk. Sometimes, We get the Chronicle do they carry coupons??

Yasmin said...

Getting The Seattle Times today is worth it for those who live in the Tri-Cities.

TCH - 2 Smart Source inserts, 2 Red Plum inserts; NO General Mills insert. http://bit.ly/8exOi8

The Seattle Times - 2 Smart Source inserts, 1 General Mills insert; NO Red Plum inserts http://bit.ly/7hfmzU

Yasmin said...

Forgot to mention why getting TST is worth it: JoAnn's couppns. I get the JoAnn coupons via mail, sometimes and so for me buying TST for the extra coupon is worth it since the remodel of the Kennewick store and the Richland store shutting down, FINDING a flier IN the store has become difficult. And for whatever reason, I'm not always getting my JoAnn flier in the mail.

NW Coupon Lady said...

I guess it would be worth buying one of each. That way I get two Albertson's doublers and all the inserts. That's a plan.

Thank you for all the input.

Nina said...

Hey coupon lady!! I'm hoping you could clear this up for me..... I see above that you state the Seattle Times DOES NOT carry Red Plum (seriously wish I had known the earlier).... I live in Renton WA... Do you know where I should go for Red Plum inserts? I'm really bummed about missing out on the 1/3/10 Red Plum insert!

NW Coupon Lady said...

Actually I didn't know that either. I would suggest ordering the coupons you need from Redplum from The Coupon Clippers. That's what I do. Also go to the Redplum printables and print coupons from there.

Yasmin said...
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Yasmin said...

You can find out where to get Red Plum inserts from their website. According to them (I used a UPS Store mailbox addy) Renton gets their RedPlum inserts via mail:

Look in your mailbox for your RedPlum Coupon Book, inside the RedPlum Mail Package, which holds your grocery circulars and other valuable offers.

Yasmin said...

Also, found out that the TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE carries the Red Plum inserts. I used a different The UPS Store address:

The address has been standardized. Please verify the standardized address below:
17701 108th Ave SE
Renton, WA 98055-6448

Look in the following newspaper(s) for your RedPlum Coupon Book:


NW Coupon Lady said...

Thank you Yasmin! You're awesome.