Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Monday, November 9, 2009

My trip to the Oroweat Outlet

I love going to the bread store. I just can't pay the prices in the store for one loaf of bread. I love Oroweat bread because it's double bagged and freezes perfect. I normally stock up for about 6 weeks. When you purchase a larger amount you always receive free items.

See what I purchased for only $15.08:

8 loaves of Buttermilk Oroweat Bread
1 bag of mini Thomas bagels
2 bags of hoagie buns
1 bag of Oroweat sandwich thins
1 bag of Oroweat hamburger buns (thin ones)
received 1 free pack of doughnuts and 1 loaf of Rye bread.

Normally each one of these items are about $3.00 a piece, which would be about $45, I spent $15.08.


Shauna said...

Where is this located? In the tri-cities?

NW Coupon Lady said...

Yes. I'm from my Tri-Cities. I live in Pasco and work in Richland. I go to the Oroweat in Kennewick by Apollo. Sometimes I go to the Snyders/Franz down the street across from Hubby's.

Shauna said...

Thanks! I'm new here (Pasco), and didn't know about the Oroweat outlet.