Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Friday, October 9, 2009

WinCo 10/8 - 10/14

WinCo sales for Friday, October 9th (prices gathered from the Richland, WA store).

Sales normally run for about two weeks.

For this week's $5 Meals from WinCo Sales see NW Coupon Lady Bargain Meal (proud contributor of $5 dinners)

Items in green are new this week
**Stock up on this item/rock bottom price

Value aisle:
Lay's Potato Chips $2.48
Kraft Parmesan cheese 8oz $2.98
Del Monte Pineapple 20oz $.95
Oreo Cookies $2.78
Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars $1.98
Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce 26.5oz $.84
Santiam canned vegetables, corn and green beans $.58
S&W Beans (kidney, black, chili) $.72
Hunts Snack pudding 4 pack $.92
Little Debbie Snacks $1.18
Chef Boyardee pasta 15oz $.87 ($.25/2 in 8/16 SS)
V-8 Fusion 46oz $2.98 ($1.00/1 printable) **
Kraft Mac & Cheese $.74
Kraft Deluxe Mac and cheese $1.98
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper $.98 (.75/3 in SS2 or printable)
Rosarita refried beans 16oz $.82
Oberto cocktail bites 5oz $3.48
Harmony Trail Mix 32oz $3.98
Austin cookies and crackers 45 pack $8.98
Bear Creek Soup mix $3.48
Bar S corn dogs 16ct $3.98
Tenderbird Frozen Chicken Breast 48oz $5.98
Bar S bacon 12oz $1.48
Yoplait yogurt 8 pack $2.98
Tillamook cheese 2lb $5.68
Nalley's Chilli $.96
Bumble Bee Tuna 5oz $.67
Hy-top mustard 20oz $.78
Lindsey Olives 6oz $.98 ($1.00/2 printable)
Vlasic Kosher Pickles 80oz $2.98
Heinz Ketchup 40oz $1.98
Kraft Real Mayo 32oz $2.98
Kraft Dressing 16oz $1.98
Hawaiian Punch 128oz $1.97
Post Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles $1.98 (07-26-09 SS $1.00/2)
Post Honey Bunches of Oats 14.5oz $2.48 ($1/2, 7/26 SS)
Post Raisin Bran 20oz $2.48
General Mills, Trix, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast $2.78 (8/16 SS $1/2 and cinnamon toast $.55/1 printable)


Pears $.78 lb
Cantaloupe $.48 lb
Fuji Apples $.48lb
Roma tomatoes $.98lb
Green Bell Peppers $.48 each, yellow and red $.58*
Small avocados $.68 each
Red Potatoes 5lb $1.98**


Hershey/Mars 11/18oz bags of candy $2.50
American Falls Water 24pack $2.98
Coke 12 pack $3.98
Cheetos singles 12 pack $3.50
Prego Pasta Sauce 26oz $1.88
Ragu Pasta Sauce 26oz $1.48 ($1/2 in 8/2 RP)
Sloppy Joe Sauce 15.5oz $.98
Old El Paso Mild Enchilada Sauce 140z $1.38 ($.60/2 printable)

El Pato Hot Tomato Sauce 7.75oz $.55
S & W Tomatoes 14.5oz $.93
Hy-Top Tomato sauce 15 oz $.48 or 8oz $. 27
La Victoria Taco Sauce 12oz $1.48
Betty Crocker brownie Mix $.98
General Mills Cheerios $2.38/Honey Nut 14oz $2.78 ($.75/1 printable and $.55/1 Honey Nut printable)
Campbell's canned pasta 15oz $.65
French's Mustard 20oz $1.28
Kraft 18oz barbecue sauce $.98
Wesson Oil 40oz veg $2.68, canola $2.78
Cocoa Puffs/Reeses Puffs $1.98 ($1/2 printable)
Betty Crocker Frosting $1.48 ($1.00/2 printable)
Betty Crocker cake mix $.98 ($.50/2 printable for 1 cake mix and 1 frosting)
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie mix $1.88 ($1/2 printable)
Nabsico Chips Ahoy $2.50
Townhouse Flip Side crackers 16oz $2.08
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers $1.78 ($1/2 printable)
Hy-Top Fruit Snacks $1.08
South Beach cereal bars $1.98 ($1/1 printable)
Kellogg's Fruit Snacks $1.88
Jiff Peanut Butter 28oz $2.88
Hy-Top Saltine Crackers $.98
Taco Bell refried beans 16oz $.68
Taco Bell Taco Shells 12 ct $.98
Kraft Real Mayo 30oz $2.98
Pace Picante Sauce 24oz $2.48 ($1/1 in 8/31 SS)
Progresso Soups 19oz $1.48 ($1/3 printable)
Campbell's 26oz Tomato and Cream of Chicken soup $1.78**
Campbell's 10oz Tomato and Cream of Chicken Soup $.68** ($.40/4 in 10/4SS)
Campbells chunky soup bowls 15.25oz $1.48 ($.75/4 in 9/20SS)
Betty Crocker Tuna Helper $1.18
Easy Mac Cups $.75
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad $1.18 (8/9 SS $1.00/2 and $.40/1 printable)
Dole Fruit Bowls 4 pack $1.98
Seneca Apple Sauce 6 pack $1.48
Langers Apple Juice 64oz $1.78
Nabisco Cheese Nips 12.5oz $1.38
Nabisco toasted Chips $2.58
Nabisco snack crackers 12oz $2.89
All Bran Crackers 10oz $2.38
Special K Crackers 8oz $2.08 ($1.00/1 printable)**
Sunshine Cheez Its 13.7 oz $1.98
Keebler Right Bites $2.89 ($1/2 printable) ($1/2 peelie)**
Nasbisco Snack pack cheese ritz 8 pack $1.78
Nabisco 100 cal granola bars 10.8oz $1.68
Planters nut bars 8.1oz $1.68


Italian Roast Beef $3.48lb
Black Forrest Ham $3.98lb
Smoked Turkey Breast $2.98lb


Carando Pepperoni Pack 8oz $2.25
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations $2.18 ($1.00/2 in 9/20SS or printable)**
Land o Lake Deli Meat Premium $2.98lb $1/1
2 pack whole chicken $.88lb
Chuck Roast Beef $1.99lb
Chuck Roast Beef Sliced $2.48lb
Pork Chuck Steak $1.48lb
Jumbo drum sticks $.88lb
Beef Chuck Steak $2.48lb
Beef Flanken Style $2.98lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $2.18 lb**
Hormel 8oz Pepperoni pack $2.89
Armour Italian Pepperoni 6oz $1.88
Jimmy Dean turkey patties 9.6oz $2.32


Tillamook shredded cheese 8oz $1.78**
Tillamook cheddar cheese 32 oz $5.68
Tillamook butter 1lb $1.82**
Yoplait Gogurt $1.98 ($1.00/2 in 9/13 SS) ($.80/2 or $.40/1 printable)
Activia 4 pack $1.78 ($1.00/1 in 8/30 SS)**
Silk Soy Milk 1/2 gal $2.48 ($.75/1 printable)
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter light 15oz $2.26 ($1.25/2 in 9/13RP)
Tillamook Sour Cream $1.78 1lb
Pillsbury Grand Biscuits $1.18 ($.50/2 in 9/13 SS) ($1/2 printable)

Frozen Food:

Hy-Top Blueberries 120z $1.68
Krusteaz French Toast Sticks $1.78
Aunt Jemima Waffles 12.3oz $1.18
Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches $3.98 ($1.50/2 in 9/20 RP)
Ore Ida Frozen French Fries/Tots 28oz $2.57 ($1.00/2 printable)
Ore Ida 4.25oz Straight Fries $.80
Tony's pouch 2 pack $.98
Hy-Top Frozen Veg 16oz $.88
Foster Farms Chicken Nuggets 33oz $3.78**
Foster Farms Chicken Wings 28oz $5.78
Hy-Top General Tso Chicken 24oz $4.48 (this is really good)
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegs $1.18 ($.35/1 in 9/13 SS)
Hot Pockets $1.77
($1/3 in 8/23 RP)
Freschetta Frozen Pizza 21.75oz $3.98 ($1.00/1 in 9/13 SS or printable)**
California Pizza Kitchen $5.88 ($1/1 in 9/27SS)
Red Baron Pizza Single 2 pack $2.98 ($1.00/1 in 8/9 SS)
Totino's Party Pizza $.98 ($.50/2 in 9/13 GM or $1/4 in 9/13SS3)**
Digiorno Pizza $5.98 ($.50/1 in 9/27SS) ($1/50/1 printable)
Healthy Choice Frozen Meals 11oz $1.84 ($2.00/1 printable)**
Lean Cuisine $2.32 ($1.00/2 in 9/13 RP)**
Swanson's Hungry Man 16oz $2.55
Michelina Frozen meals $.88 ($1.00/5 printable)**
Kids Cuisine $1.68 ($1/2 in 9/27SS)
Budget Gourmet Frozen Meals $.92
Totino's pizza rolls 90ct $3.98
Gourmet Dining Meals $3.75
Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast $.98

See Winco Bargain meals for some low cost meals

Also see BeCentsable's Grocery Gathering and Grocery Deals for more savings on your other favorite stores


Fabulessly Frugal said...

This is sweet! I am going to link to this post!

NW Coupon Lady said...

I'm glad you are enjoying my site.

Paul & Monica said...

Thanks for all of the work on the deals! I think you're the only blog I've seen WinCo deals on lately. I was just at the Boise Idaho one today and they had boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.78 lb! Just thought I would pass that along.

Crystal said...

WOW!! I have been wanting this!! Thanks to Fabulessly Frugal for telling me about this!!

Rochelle said...

I thought Winco wouldn't take printable coupons. has that changed?

NW Coupon Lady said...

WinCo will take printables. I use them each week. Give it a try.

TJ and Mandi said...

A while ago I talked with a cashier at WINCO and asked if they accepted internet printed coupons here (they didn't in Washington) and the checker said they do at the Fairview store in Boise, but not at the downtown location. I guess it must be up to each store.

NW Coupon Lady said...

Richland, WA does. Ask he manager at your local store because some of the clerks do not realized they changed their policies recently.