Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meals on a Budget

When buying meat really pay close attention to those "special" deals.  Like those Albertson's B1G1 deals.  If you look at the price per pound it's sometimes $7-$9 a pound and when you have a B1G1 that still isn't a great deal. I look for prices that work out to $2-$3 a pound. That being said I picked up some seasoned pork chops that were B1G2 so I ended up with three packs for about $11, added green beans and a salad to create a family meal for around $15.

Our Safeway is great for their discount meat section were I will find steaks for 30% off so I can normally pick up a steak or two for around $3.  Sometimes I may only get one or two but I freeze them until I have enough steaks for the whole family.

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