Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


When you have a busy life it's hard to do the extreme couponing.  I love couponing but between full time work, blogging, working out, one child in school, one home schooling, cleaning, shopping, etc it's hard to sit down and match up coupons. I found an easier way for me to save money.

 I shop at Winco, Costco, and sales at other stores (with or without coupons), I use a lot of Daily Deals on restaurants, entertainment, and household items. We buy fund raising coupon books. We are always looking for restaurant deals as well.  We like to go out at least once a week to a nice dinner or date night. My husband and I normally always have some type of coupon on date night costing about $25-$30 for dinner and a couple drinks.

So if you couponing is too much for you look into other ways to save money.  I share Daily Deals and some fun items to help you get the best deal.

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