Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I have saved $2,979.59 so far this year!

My October Spending

My grocery budget is $500 a month ($125 a week) for my family of 4. This includes food, cleaners, personal hygiene items, and sometimes a few miscellaneous items. By shopping sales, using coupons, and stockpiling when prices hit rock bottom I have saved $2,979.59 so far this year. Setting a budget really helps to control your spending. I give myself a realistic budget and stay as close to it as possible. This month I was over my budget by $2.95, not too bad.

This month I shopped at the following store: Albertson's, Walgreen's, Big Lots, Yoke's and WinCo.

Monthly Budget $500
Spent $502.95 ($2.95 over budget)
Saved $170.12 (24.67%)

I love tracking my spending; I enjoy seeing how much I save.

Thank you to The Coupon Project for this free download.

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