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Loving The Northwest

Monday, August 23, 2010

Safeway Home Grocery Delivery Review

Jen was selected to review Safeway's Home Grocery Delivery, and earned herself a $100 gift card. She purchased several different items and typed up a wonderful review. If you have been wanting to try Safeway's home delivery read her review. With Safeway's current promotion you will receive $7 off your first order and use code NORTHWEST for your free delivery.

Thank you Jen for writing such a great review!!

Jen's review:

When I placed my Safeway order I wanted to make sure I got a little bit of everything. I ordered cereals, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, frozen items and some laundry supplies.
Shopping the site was very easy – you can either shop by aisle, or by specials. I shopped by aisle. Another thing I liked about online shopping is that I could have my recipes and menu plan open in one window and Safeway in another, adding all of the ingredients I needed into my cart!

Delivery is available from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can choose from different times/days and a 2 hour or 4 hour delivery window and the prices range from $12.95 down to $6.95. A later date and/or longer delivery window costs less. I chose a 2 hour delivery window the next day which would have been $9.95 if I didn’t have a discount code. My delivery was actually 15 minutes early – so not only did I shop in my pajamas, I received my order in them (oops).

I was really impressed with what I received! My apples and bananas were nice and fresh, without bruises or brown marks. My bags of spinach had a expiration date almost two weeks into the future – so they really seem to make an effort to choose the freshest items.

I also ordered chicken breasts (which were B1G1). My second package of breasts was only $0.03 less than my first pack – I was happy with that since I always try to get my free package as big as I can! Gotta make that sale work!

If any of your items are out of stock, you can choose to have them substitute it or take it off your order. Because I was using coupons I chose to have them left off my order – they were out of stock of my cereal and bread.

There are links on the Safeway shopping site for ecoupons - Shortuts, P&G eSaver and Cellfire. You just load them to your Safeway card. I used all 3 and they worked! There were some nice high value coupons - $3 off of Tide detergent in addition to the Tide being on sale was a great deal.
They are also offering a promotional code for $7 and free shipping off of your first order – use the code NORTHWEST.

When your complete your order, you will get an estimated total. This is before coupons, delivery charges, items out of stock, etc. My original estimated total was $103.50, my actual total was $80.17 (which was $16.95 over because they didn’t apply my promotional code).
My club card savings were $47.96 even without using ecoupons.

Customer Service
There was actually a mistake on my order – my promotional code wasn’t applied. I emailed them and they responded back within a couple of hours and applied the credit back to my card.
Thumbs up! I will definitely be placing more orders in the future!

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