Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Merchant Cash Advanced - Affordable Funding Options

Easy and Affordable Funding Options

Businesses thrive on cash flow. Many companies need financing during periods when sales are down and it seems as though the economy has slowed down to a crawl. As they search for funding to stay afloat, they weigh their options to find the easiest and least expensive option for financing. Although not well know, Merchant Cash Advances can provide financing for business quickly. Although they may not be the least expensive, they are very convenient and you can often receive the money you need in just a few days while other, more traditional sources can take weeks, even months to come through with that check.

Merchant cash advances are affordable because the payments made are adjustable based on sales.

Basically, you are just selling future credit card receivables for cash. The merchant cash advance company can simply deduct their cut every month as a percentage of gross credit card sales. So, if you have a bad month, you will pay less than if you have an outstanding one. You never have to write a check or worry about monthly fixed loan payments as the advance is just that, an advance on future income.

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