Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Friday, April 9, 2010

Costco Vs WinCo - Tillamook Cheese

I did a little comparison shopping on Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese.  My family is huge Tillamook fans. I wrote down prices at Costco and WinCo to find out who had the better deal.  Yes, you have to pay a yearly fee at Costco so if you don't use Costco it might not be cost effective for you to run out and buy a membership; but for those people that do have a Costco Card and use them I thought this information might be helpful.

Costco 5lb Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese loaf is $11.69 ($.15 an ounce)
WinCo Foods 2lb Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese loaf is $5.98 ($.19 an ounce)

Costco has the better deal by 4 cents, but it might not be worth saving 20 cents to get such a big loaf of cheese unless your family would really use that size.  I normally wait for it to go on sale at Albertsons or Fred Meyer for $3.99 for 2lbs.


K....mom said...

I use my air sucker machine (sorry, it's friday and my brain is all used up) and buy the big loaf and split it into 3 loaves. I also love the fact that at Cosco you can buy the shreds for the same price as the loaf pound for pound :)

40isthenew30 said...

I read somewhere that you can store the Tillamook brand block cheese in the cupboard and that it will age to "sharp" over time. I got a few loaves when it went on sale for 3.99 and am testing the theory. (so far so good ~ it has been a few months, and I dipped into a loaf a month into the test and it was fine, though not "sharp". :-)

NW Coupon Lady said...

interesting. I know that if I buy a couple loaves on sale and they stay wrapped up in the refrigerator they last for a couple months. Gotta Love Tillamook.

Adam said...

WinCo (in Oregon and Idaho at least) sells "Bandon" brand cheese which is actually Tillamook medium cheddar with a different wrapper and a much cheaper price. This eliminates the CostCo membership dilemma. It's the same quality cheese, packaged at the same factory in Oregon.