Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Shopping 3/7 - 3/13

I'm always a little curious how much people spend and what they bought. You can take a look at what I spent and what I bought - I'm not shy about it.

Here is my monthly summary so far:

March (monthly budget of $500 includes food, cleaning, personal hygiene items, etc for 4 people)
$500 budget for the month
$254.82 spent
$125.47 saved
$245.18 balance

I'm saving about 50%. But most of my shopping is at WinCo and the receipt doesn't reflect items picked up on sale so I'm sure I have saved more than that.

Here's my shopping for the week:

$125.00 week budget
$120.57 spent
$31.75  saved (that was recorded on the receipt.  I shopped at WinCo, Big Lots, Costco so the saving isn't listed but I know purchased those items at the lowest price)
I was under $4.43!!

Fred Meyer:

3 6 packs of Dove Soap ($5.99 with $2 coupon)
2 package of sponges
1 snack pack

Total $17.95 and saved $6.00


15 Powerade 32oz (on sale for $.88 with a coupon B10G5)
5lb potatoes

Total $10.88, saved $4.40

Big Lots:

Chewy Granola bars
2 100 calorie snacks for the kids to try and blog about
Salad dressing $1
Carpet cleaner
Carpet deodorizer
7 Gatorade
Shopping list pads (they were cute)
I also received Big Lots rewards card (when you spend $20 per visit 10 times you receive a 20% off coupon)

Total $22.03

WinCo Foods (you can tell I had a kid with me)

2 gallons of milk
Fruit Snacks
2 boxes Nabisco snacks
2lb baby carrots
2 canned cheese (this is a treat)
Soy sauce
Dishwasher soap
2 Tillamook Ice cream
White castle hamburgers for after school snack
chocolate for bananas
Keebler Nut crisps (these are good)
WinCo Bulk drink mix
WinCo Bulk Salt water taffy
2 boxes granola bars
2 avocados

Total $52.95, saved $5.65.  I could have done better by not buying so many snacks but I knew I was doing good on my budget so I let the kids pick out a couple snacks

Trips not pictured:


4 Oscar Mayer Shaved Deli Meat
6 bags of Cheetos/Fritos

Total $0, I won a $50 gift card so I used that - but it rang up to $13.70, saved $21.40

Yoke's Fresh Market:

2 1/2 gallons of milk (I had ran out of milk, bought enough until I went to WinCo)
Pepper Jack cheese for our Taquitos

Total: $7.27

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