Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How do I do it? WinCo Sale Prices

Many of you have asked how do I get my WinCo numbers and make a price sheet.  Well it's really the old fashion way.

I have a spreadsheet that I add the coupons to when I receive them in the Sunday paper.  I found that it's less frustrating then using the information from Sunday Coupon Review because we don't receive everything listed and I would get so mad when I would go to get a coupon and then realized another part of the country must have received it and we didn't. I take my spread sheet into the store and find the item and right down the price.I also write down the items in the Value Aisle.

I talked to the manager and he told me that prices change all the time but the majority is on Thursdays. So on Thursdays (sometimes Sundays) I go to WinCo, do my shopping, write down the prices and check to see if any has changed (which they do all the time) and then go home and update my Google Spread sheet.

I know people see me and wonder what I'm doing. If you are at the Richland, WA WinCo on Thursday afternoons and see a coupon lady writing down numbers that's me! Say "hey are you the coupon lady?" I see several people on a regular basis. It's a lot of fun.

It takes about about 1 1/2 hours to shop and write down numbers each week (at the same time I gather the prices for my $5 dinner recipes).  For so many years I wanted to see a WinCo Flier but I never thought I would be the one to put one together.  I am happy to be able to help so many people save money. My guess is WinCo shoppers save about 25% and when you add coupons we save even more.

I do shop at Albertson's and Safeway as well; but for only their sale items that I know are cheaper than WinCo due to the fact that they are running a promotion. The majority of my shopping is done a WinCo.  Our Richland WinCo is very nice and clean.  I have been shopping there since it has opened.  The Kennewick store is not as nice as the Richland Store.

It's my understanding that the WinCo prices should all be pretty similar, there might be a few cents difference but they should be pretty close.

That's how I do it. Match up coupons and type it up. Nothing fancy.

Thank you for the letters of appreciation that makes it so worth it to know people appreciate it.


Yasmin said...

I totally agree with you about the Kennewick store. It use to be a nice store but the last ten years it's become a filthy mess. For three or four years I noticed that the quality of produce typically is rotting or rotten.

Summer time is worse when you see fruit flies hovering around the fruits. I no longer buy my produce at the Kennewick WinCo and rarely shop there as a result of the poor quality of food. Unfortunately, the manager(s) turns a blind eye to it and yes, I've submitted complaints to the Kennewick store but of course those have been ignored.

The Richland store's produce is far better. The store is cleaner and while it's a tad bit more expensive then the Kennewick store I rather shop there when I have to.

I just wish that the Richland store still had the gas station and the gas rewards to make it worth shopping there more often.

Anna said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Seriously, I am so excited to start shopping WinCo with your list. I love shopping there, but it is so hard to budget and menu plan when you don't know what is on sale. Thank you for this post and for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your hard work and efforts!! I wish Winco did have a weekly flier. thanks again!

Damsel said...

Hi, I wrote about your hard work on my blog. I keep a price book on WinCo but I don't post it online. Great job and thank you!

Cris said...

I've already praised you on your hard work on sharing your Winco list, but hey, you deserve more! Thank you sooo much. I get my "basics" at Winco and of course take advantage of those specials at other stores. I mostly shop at the Richland store so I'll have to see if I can spot you sometime!

I also share your frustration on the coupon insert lists in the blogoshpere! It would be totally awesome if you could do a post about your spreadsheet. I'd like to create one too, but don't know where to start.