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Loving The Northwest

Friday, February 12, 2010

Safeway Valentine's Ideas

Safeway's Conversation Hearts Cake Decorating Workshop, in stores with bakeries.
2/12, 3-7 PM, and 2/13, 12-4 PM. Drop-ins welcome!

Valentine’s Day is not about spending money on lavish gifts, but spending time on the little things that your family will cherish forever!

 Lifestyle expert, author, and Seattle budget savvy mom, Corey Colwell-Lipson has teamed up with Safeway to share her favorite heartfelt (and shaped) treats along with quality family time ideas-that maximize your time together and limit your spending!

Corey’s Tips for Planning a Family Fun Valentine’s Day:

SWAK (stamps not required) - What’s a Valentine’s Day, without receiving some Valentines? Kids love making arts and crafts, so break out the construction paper, paint, paper doilies, and glitter glue! Start by making a special “Valentine’s Day Mailbox” to keep in your family room. Recycle a shoebox, add a slit and have your kids decorate away. Throughout the weekend, your family can create special Valentine’s Day cards for each other. *Prepare for a special delivery to Sunday’s breakfast table.

“Hearty Breakfast”- Jump into the Valentine’s Day spirit by planning a special breakfast for your family. From heart shaped berry pancakes, French toast or muffins, have fun with the holiday! You can also set up a healthy yogurt parfait station with strawberry yogurt, red berries and granola. This way your kids can create their own special breakfast for mom and dad (safely away from the stove). *Set the table with a red or pink cloth and add festive decorations with some conversation hearts around each place setting.

· Maximize Family Time- Budget-conscious moms can spend hours going from store to store to find the best Valentine’s Day deals. Instead, why not find one store that offers everything you need? For example, your local Safeway has thousands of new everyday low prices on everything from fresh baked treats, to dinner time ingredients and even beautiful bouquets (Safewayflowers.com). Have fun with younger kids by making them “lookout cupids” for the best deals on all the items you need. “X” marks the spot with Safeway’s new bright yellow shelf tags which show the old price crossed out and then the new everyday low price revealed. *When you visit Safeway.com, you can download digital coupons right onto your Club Card through the CouponLink program, saving even more time at the store!

· Heartfelt (and shaped) Treats- Heart-shaped sugar cookies, brownies, chocolate lollipops, whatever your heart desires- all say, "I love you." Turn sweet treats into a family celebration by baking them together. Kids will have a blast decorating their edible valentines with icing and themed candies. Enjoy!

· Home Sweet Home- Remember you don’t need to spend a lot or travel far to have fun with your loved ones. Plan a family game, movie, or trivia night and enjoy what the holiday is all about- each other!

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