Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meal Planning for busy people

There are so many ways you can meal plan. It really depends on your personality and schedule.  I wanted to share with you what works for me.  I work when my children are in school so I still consider myself a busy working mom. Our schedules can be crazy at times so writing down every meal for everyday just doesn't work for me.  So this is what I do:

  • I love recipes, I have a collection of recipes with basic ingredients and things I would have on hand. I will normally pick out one new recipe to try.
  • I always keep items stocked for those quick/staple meals; such as hamburgers, grilled cheese, pizza, etc.
  • On Sundays I will go through my recipes, inventory what I have, and select about 10 of them for a two week period.
  • I write down all the meals and attach the recipes to the list and keep it all in the kitchen
  • I do another quick inventory of the ingredients and if I'm missing something I will write that on the grocery list, but normally I will have almost all the ingredients.  The one new meal that I plan to make I may have to buy a few more things for. If I have to buy a couple things for a recipe that recipe will be pushed to the end of the week due to the fact that I shop on Thursdays (kids get out of school early that day).
  • Now that I have all my recipes and list ready, I will select a meal the night before so I can pull things out of the freezer if I have to, or get it ready for the slow cooker in the morning.
  • If things end up being crazy or we get home too late to cook the meal planned I will make one of my quick dinners and make the meal I had planned the following night.
  • Typically one of the nights becomes a leftover night - such as tonight.
Since I have been planning my menus this way, it is easier to make meals around our schedule. I'm not tied to a specific meal on a specific night. It has greatly reduced my stress when it comes to making dinners.

Here is a good article and meal planning guides, go to About.com for meal planning guides.  They are great.

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