Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Friday, February 5, 2010

Game Day Ideas From Safeway

“A One- Stop Shopping Hostess Game Plan… For Game Day,”
from national lifestyle expert and Seattle Safeway Spokesperson,
Corey Colwell-Lipson.

Thank you to Safeway and Corey for Sharing these great Game Day ideas. I hope you find them fun, easy, and enjoyable.
Make sure you use your Safeway club card and download their coupons.

Corey’s Touch Down Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Bash Including:

Throw a Spiral—For some real fun, get creative and give your drinks, appetizers & deserts themed team names and colors. Also, serve your treats from a vendor's tray. Decorate a cardboard storage box lid, punch a hole on either side, and tie on a wide ribbon that's long enough so you can hang the tray around your neck.

*Quick Tip- Line those serving trays with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Watching from the Sidelines (your couch) has its Perks—Move over stadium food… Corey will share a few super affordable, quick, and most importantly EASY recipes and dips your viewers can make on the fly (all while keeping budget friendly).

*Two rules:

  1. Don't prepare recipes that will keep you locked in the kitchen- enjoy the party too.

  2. While watching the Super Bowl... you must eat what you enjoy and forget about the diets (spend one afternoon in heaven)!

Avoid Those Running Backs—No hostess wants to run out of food or back to the store. Plan ahead, take advantage of sales and buy chips and paper goods in bulk when possible. It’s great to stock up on cleaning supplies at your local Safeway- they offer one-stop shopping and reduced prices on EVERYTHING a hostess needs… from made to order deli platters and sandwiches at Safeway’s Signature café, to snacks, dips, paper towels, napkins… and even rug cleaner for messes created during exciting plays!

Digital Discounts- A lot of great deals come through online promotions. Many local businesses send coupons and special deals and offers via email. The digital era has even found ways to cut down on coupon clipping time! When you visit Safeway.com, you can download digital coupons right onto your Club Card through the CouponLink program. Simply find the coupons you want to use, shop the store and swipe your card at checkout—all of your coupons are automatically redeemed! No fumbling with pieces of paper.

No Hardball (in the house)- Don't kill the referee/ your flat screen. Pass out plush toy footballs instead and throw them at the screen if you want to contest a call.

Be a Team Player - When attending a Super Bowl party ask the host if they would like you to arrive early to help set up and what they would like you to bring. Also, make sure to assist with the clean up as well. This will surely score you an invite back next year!

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