Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Shopping for Week 1/25

I had made so many shopping trips this week that I'm just summing it up for you. I used up my coupons that I normally use before they expire and stocked up on all the great items that have been on sale. I did get a rain check for more granola bars.

Here is my weekly summary:

I spent $164.69
I saved $99.43

I went over budget this week but for my monthly budget I was only over $31.56; good news is I received $20 in rebates this week in the mail so really I was only over $11.56. Not too bad.


Total Shelf Cost: $900.69
Monthly Budget: $500.00
Amount Paid : $531.56
Variance: $(31.56) (I did receive $20 in rebates this week)

Total Savings in coupons and discounts: $369.13
Savings Rate: 40.98%


Money Savings In WA said...

You did better than I did to sticking to a budget. I went WAY WAY overboard. In fact, I spent $350 @ Costco again last night (but $100+ was on the hubby's new office chair) as well as $100 at PetSmart on the ferrets, cats and dog's food plus $300 on my cat's vet bill (I had her spayed). I have to gather my receipts up to figure out exactly how much I went over.

I know I went shopping @ Target and Albertsons earlier in the week plus what I spent yesterday. I so blew my January budget. I really need to learn to stick with it.

Fistful of Coupons said...

Great Savings Lori!!