Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Franz and Oroweat Outlet Shopping Trip

I needed to stock up on my bread and snack supplies. I am thankful that the Franz and Oroweat Outlets are just a couple blocks apart from each other so I can go to both stores in one day.

I save so much money by going to the outlet stores. When I see the bread we eat are in stores for almost $3.00 a loaf, I can't believe how much bread is at the stores.

Here is what I purchased at Oroweat:

6 loaves of Oroweat Buttermilk Bread ($1.19 each)
2 packages of hamburger buns ($2.00)
1 package 12ct of Oroweat's sandwich thins (only 100 calories) $2.19

Oroweat items freeze really well because they are packaged with double bagging. Items that are not bagged like that I put inside freezer bags.

Total: $11.33

My Franz shopping for snacks (daddy likes snacks in his lunchbox - no eating out for him!)

2 boxes Hostess Zingers ($3.00)
4 boxes Little Debbie Snacks ($5.00)
5 fruit pies snacks ($3.90)
2 packages hamburger buns ($2.00)

Total $13.90

Here's a hint for you: when the roads are really bad and the trucks can't get around from city to city the outlet stores receive tons of items because they aren't able to get the fresh items in the stores fast enough so they have to take them to the outlet store. You can pick up some great deals because the outlet stores are filled with items.

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mom2priceboys said...

We have a Hostess Store in our biggesst town(Chico) that also has our WinCo and Grocery Outlet. Sometime they are good prices sometimes they are almost retail so I don't go very often. I will need to be adding this stop back on my list to keep tabs on what their prices are. Thanks for the reminder .....Julie