Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1 Trip, 1 Bag, 5 Dinners -$33.92 at WinCo Foods

Thank you to Kraft for coming up with the wonderful recipes for 1 bag, 5 dinners. I priced the items at Winco for you.

Here are the meals and recipes:

Broccoli-Cheddar Chicken Bundles, Cheesy Shrimp and Rice, Toasted Tuna Melts, Creamy Chicken Pasta Toss, Friday easy meal - Kraft suggests Digiorno Garlic Bread Pizza, I changed it up and listed Gourmet Dining Frozen Meal- chicken Alfredo.

Here are the Kraft recipes and list for this week.
This is your WinCo Foods shopping list:

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs $2.78lb
1 lb frozen large shrimp (Searock Frozen) $3.28
1 pkg Shake 'n Bake extra crispy coating mix $1.57
1 lb Oscar Mayer bacon $2.48
1 can low-sodium chicken broth (Hy-Top brand) $.77
1 16oz jar Miracle Whip $1.82
2 cans 5oz tuna $.67 each
1 box instant rice (Minute Rice) $3.96
1 loaf bread (Cascade) $.96
1 bag frozen mixed vegs (Hy-Top) $.96
1 bag frozen broccoli (Flv-R-Pak) $1.68
1 bunch green onions $.58
1 bunch Celery $.58
1 80z cream cheese spread (Hy-Top) $1.25
2 8oz bags Kraft shredded Cheddar cheese (2 cup in each bag) $1.68 each
1lb pkg Rotini (Ronzoni) $.98
Gourmet Dining Frozen Chicken Alfredo Meal $3.75 (Friday easy meal)

Items you should have on hand: oil and milk

You will have left over items after making your meals; such as; rice, bread, cheeese, cream cheese, onions, celery, etc.

Total shopping trip: $33.92


Christy said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

NW Coupon Lady said...

I thought people might like something like this. Thank you for the comment.