Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fresh Friday at Yoke's Fresh Market

Friday Fresh Market Board.
My picks are the sourdough rounds 2 for $3 and the sweet corn 12 for $3.
Weekly sales: pick up grapes for $.98lb, peaches $.96lb (we all know Yoke's has great produce), cross rib steaks $1.99lb, and Coke products on sale for $2.99/12 pack.


Leah said...

Hi Lori,

Im totally tickled to find someone else who likes to shop and blog about Yokes! I dont know if you already know this and I apologize if Im giving you old news, but the Yokes in Spokane will accept competing grocery store coupons and they probably do in the Tri-cities too :) I use the Albertsons doublers there, Safeway, and Fred Meyer coupons but I understand you have a couple different stores in the tri-cities that we dont have in Spokane as well. Makes shopping day so much easier :)

NW Coupon Lady said...

Wow! Thank you for letting me know about the coupons. I will give that a try here in the Tri-Cities.