Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimming Pool Games

Do you have a swimming pool for your kids? We have an above ground pool we purchased at Costco three years ago and my kids play in it everyday. I found if they have games to play in the pool they tend to get along better, unless they start to fight about the game of course. Here are some fun games they can play.

Go on a Treasure Hunt. Toss coins, or any type of "treasure items" in the pool; whoever brings up the most “treasure” in five minutes wins.

Try to catch a Butterfinger Ball. Slather a beach ball with sunscreen then toss it up in the air and see how long everyone in the pool can keep it out of the water.

Play catch. One person stands at the edge of the diving board. Just as they spring off, throw them a ball to try to catch in mid-air. We have a trampoline next to our above ground pool they use to jump in the pool.

Have a laugh with Pop the Piranha. Toss a water balloon in the pool and encourage kids try to pop it while it’s wet. It’s nearly impossible! My kids love this game.

These ideas and more can be found at All You online.

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