Loving The Northwest

Loving The Northwest

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New to couponing?

Are you new to couponing? Don't know where to start?

Here are a few simple things to get you started.
  1. Start a price book. Write down the prices of the items you buy on a regular basis. Pay close attention to the highest price you see it at then the lowest. You will start to know when your items hit rock bottom and that's when you stock up on those items. Normally they hit their lowest about every three months.
  2. Read your flyers. Really read your flyers and pay close attention to the size of the item and the specials they are running.
  3. Try to combine coupons with items that are on sale. Albertson's is great for sales; such as if you buy 5 items you get $3 off, then combine those with coupons.
  4. Take your flyer with you into the store. Make sure you pick up the correct size and amount you need to get the discount.
  5. Don't buy things just because you have a coupon or because they are on sale. Buy only items you will use.

The Coupon Mom has put together a helpful book that you can download for free. You can also purchase additional coupons from The Coupon Clippers. I normally purchase the coupons about once a month and just the coupons I use on a regular basis.

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